Baby ISALINA sells the following European Brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Trixie baby and Les Reves d’Anais

Trixie is inspired by the infinite imagination of a child. Cheerful prints in different colours and functional simplicity with a cheeky touch are the key elements that characterise their products.Trixie believes in a future-oriented and holistic approach. When designing they strive to understand taking into account the needs of today’s parents and children. Therefore, they carefully follow up on trends and stay tuned with the life-world of young parents. Their holistic approach comprises of profound respect for the planet. They believe responsible choices need to be made in order to ensure healthy future for your grandchildren. Hence, they only use high-quality fabrics which are made of organic cotton ensuring all their products are durable. Baby Isalina loves their products because of the outstanding quality and soft fabric they offer. We want to create awareness and educate young parents to buy less and invest in durable products. The goal is to maximise usage and minimise waste.

Eli shoes

Eli shoes is a family enterprise that was born in 1957 in Alicante, Spain. They create hand-made baby, kids and teens high-end shoes and are now being sold all over the world. All their materials are organic in order to bring the best care for children’s feet. The leather they use is eco-friendly and in order to remain sustainable, they minimise usage of chemicals. For example, their glues and dyes are made from water. As a way of minimising waste, they work with specialised companies who are experts in recycling waste from manufacturers.The design and production are done by a team of more than 80 professionals specialised in every step of the manufacturing process, utilising an artisan tradition. The classic shoe styles are produced with organic materials and leather creating a perfect sole for the little shoes ensuring good support for the first steps. Eli employees are trusted and respected professionals regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.The brand participates in the best kid’s fashion shows every season, setting trends and keeping up to date with the latest styles in children footwear. Pearls, leather or silk bows, plain or printed luxury leathers, fill the imagination with those little details. The collection takes you to a marvellous childhood where style and luxury combine to make the children feel like stars! Baby Isalina chooses Eli Children Shoes because of its values in ethics, quality, craftsmanship and because together we can present the best shoes for the next generation’s first steps.


KAOS is a Norwegian brand which specialises in producing practical and well-designed nappy bags, backpacks and functional products that help conquer challenges in everyday life with kids.They work to promote Scandinavian design and are relentlessly committed to adding smartness and details. Their mission has always been to design and develop products that will stick with you for a long time which means for the Ransel (Norwegian name for bag) to be more than a changing bag, it’s designed to function as a regular bag you’ll use after diaper days are over. KAOS is a part of the NICE code of conduct. This is an important initiative for anyone operating in the textile and fashion industry as the NICE code of conduct assures that the employees, as well as our environment, are being treated the best way. Their production comes from India as they specialise in canvas and leather which are the key ingredients of KAOS. As a brand, they are always trying to make sustainable choices.