Social Impact

Why Sustainable Fashion is important…

In 2013 over 1130 people were killed and 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a factory used by many major retailers. 

“Who made my clothes?" A question we all need to pursue in order to improve the working conditions in many developing countries that major retailers use. 

There are still 36 million people living in MODERN SLAVERY, many whom are working in the supply chains of Western brands...

Within Australia alone…

Each year, Australians consign 500 million worth of clothing to the tip, and the quest to manufacture more clothes more quickly and cheaply is also polluting out waterways, air, land and seas. Although Australia has a culture of donating material goods to charity, anecdotally, only about 15% (according to Textile Beat) of donated clothing is sold again locally in charity shops. 6000 kg of clothing and textiles go to landfill every 10 minutes!!

We need to work on waste minimization and ethical practicing, and we need to start now!

baby ISALINA is a proud supporter of The Dandelion Support Network.

The Dandelion Support Network is a charitable organisation of volunteers who accept donations of nursery items, clothes, toys and linen for babies and children.

When you purchase any item on you will have the opportunity to receive a prepaid satchel at the checkout (up to 5kg) which you can simply use to send your used items to the Dandelion Support Network directly. Baby ISALINA will cover half of the cost of the prepaid satchel, while our customers will contribute to the other half.

Together, we can make a great impact and give back to our community, this is our way of creating sustainable fashion, and we invite you to join the movement.